IL CLIENTE TUI.IT è un'agenzia di viaggi on line di Easy Market Spa Unipersonale, specializzata nella vendita di pacchetti vacanza dei migliori tour operator, offerte last minute, hotel, villaggi turistici, weekend in Europa, offerte voli di linea e low cost, proposte di viaggio personalizzate. Puoi prenotare comodamente online, al telefono, richiedere un preventivo gratuito oppure rivolgerti ad una delle nostre agenzie viaggi se desideri ricevere una consulenza personalizzata.



1) Flight Search and Booking System serving 600000 search requests per day.

It is a multipurpose platform for flight reservation. Used not only for the company's principal B2C site but also for other whitelabels and application for individual agencies (B2B). Exposes various webservices for metasearch engines like Skyscanner and Kayak. Highly configurable (pricing, blacklists, routes, etc etc)

Technology & Infrastructure :


2) Revolution : Application B2B for individual agencies.

Its purpose is to unify the various product offerings into one application for travel agencies. In the future it will be the generic portal for the company's site for B2B, B2C and whitelabels.

Product integration is done via RESTful webservices. Supports user login via Spring security. Users can be defined via database or via an existing LDAP directory service. Access to products and actions controlled by user roles and permissions.

Technology & Infrastructure:


3) EMCredit : Payment by Credit.

Application to handle accounting for the company's credit payment service. Allows the EasyMarket to offer travel agencies and whitelabels a credit limit to be used to pay for bookings of various products.

Technology & Infrastructure: